Children’s Village (CV) encompasses five age groups totaling 70 children. Each classroom has its own daily schedule, teaching team, and curriculum that are designed to meet specific developmental needs and follows our philosophy. We also provide on-site music, storytelling, creative movement,  and nature/science programs to extend children’s’ learning beyond the classroom.



Group size: 10
Ages: 10 weeks – 15 months
1:3 teacher/child ratio

The teaching team provides an abundance of TLC to babies and their parents. We are respectful of infants’ individual schedules and the environment is specifically designed to assist with emerging milestones. All foods and formulas are provided. The Classroom is designed for babies and resembles a  home like environment which offers a generous carpeted play space, divided sleeping area, kitchen, and dining/eating areas



Group Size: 11 toddlers
Ages: 15 months – 2 years
1:4 teacher/child ratio

Independent explorations are encouraged.  An abundance of sensory, art, music, movement activities, and opportunities for promoting language development are also provided throughout the day with lots of floor time.



Group Size: 13 sprouts
Ages: 2 – 3 years
1:4 teacher/child ratio

The transition from parallel to interactive play emerges. Art, music, and movement through stories, songs, finger plays, and flannel boards are geared toward language and social development. Independence, self-help skills, and toilet learning are encouraged. Large and small motor skills emerge



Group size: 18 preschoolers
Ages: 3 – 4 years
1:6 teacher/child ratio

Interest areas for preschoolers focus on art, nature/science, dramatic play, early literacy,pre-math blocks, and sensory play. We provide an emergent curriculum, creative child-centered  teacher-facilitated activities, and choices to gain mastery and independence.



Group size: 18 pre-k'ers
Ages: 4 – 5 years
1:9 teacher/child ratio

We provide a hands-on curriculum and open structure, integrated and emergent learning experiences including: expressive and creative art, music, science, early literacy, manipulative pre-math activities Teachers assist those families whose children transition to kindergarten.