The Children’s Village (CV) believes that parents should not have to worry about the materials their children may need during the day. We provide all food (including formulas and BPA-free bottles), linens, equipment and diapering paraphernalia. Diapers are offered at a wholesale cost.

Outdoor Play Space

Outdoor play is vital to a happy and healthy childhood. Children at CV spend as much time as possible outdoors learning to observe, appreciate and value the natural world around them. All year long, we provide many opportunities for children to get outside and discover nature “first hand”. In addition to our playground, children take walks to local parks. Babies and toddlers use buggies and strollers!

Food Program

CV serves breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack daily. The menu (prepared in accordance with the Department of Education and the Child & Adult Food Program) is wide-ranging and culturally diverse, and thus reflective of our community. The center strives to provide well-balanced, “child-friendly” meals with a variety of poultry, fish, vegetarian dishes, seasonal fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grain breads. We do not serve any foods containing hydrogenated oils or high sugar/salt content. We are also a peanut-free and nut-free center, and prepare alternative meals for children with dietary restrictions and/or medically-identified allergies.


"In childhood we press our nose to the pane, looking out. In memories of childhood we press our nose to the pane looking in."

— Walt Streightiff